The webhosting service is specially oriented to companies that need to host their corporate or commercial website in a datacenter in private cloud mode, leaving its administration in the hands of a specialist team.
This service includes:

  • Backup of the contents.
  • SSL / TLS security certificate management
  • 24 × 7 monitoring of site availability
  • Access to administration portals.
  • Space assigned according to the needs of your business.
  • Domain registration.


  • Have specialized support that ensures maximum security and availability for your website.
  • Servers with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring high performance and a guaranteed uptime of 99.75%.
  • Scalability based on the evolution of your business.
  • Advice and recommendations for secure programming of the website.
  • Network of redundant own Datacenters

An efficient way to modernize the internal processes of an organization is the use of digital collaborative tools to achieve a safe and productive communication,

The Collaborative intranet generates great benefits in areas of productivity and communication, on the productivity side, authorization flows between departments can be incorporated, among others, saving time and costs, by having the information available in one place.

In the field of communication, it is essential to have a central means of communication between employees and the administration, giving immediacy, transparency, uniformity and formality to it. Also allowing segmented communication flows, preventing unauthorized collaborators from accessing information from other departments. In addition, historical information can be consulted since it is archived.

Our functions are:

  • Design and functional development of a collaborative Intranet.
  • integration with applications.
  • Generation of Forms.
  • Poll activation
  • enabling tools to publish content
  • Training for users of the organization.


  • Increase the productivity of the organization and its collaborators.
  • Have a central source of communication between employees and the administration
  • The security of having qualified personnel in its implementation.
  • Protect access to information.
  • Productive maximization with Microsoft Suite o365

The growth or modernization processes of companies require digital activation of jobs, be they physical or virtual, giving access to information at any time and place, with the corresponding authorizations.

Our virtual office service, we can activate workstations with applications aimed at maximizing productivity such as corporate mail, the Microsoft 365 suite, which includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc., plus IP telephony. These services can be contracted as a set or separately. In addition, we also offer Hosting for your website.

This service is aimed at entrepreneurs who are starting their business or clients whose strategy is to migrate their operations to this teleworking modality in a Cloud environment, where the objective is to implement applications that facilitate work in a short term and with low investment

Virtual Office TI offers:

  • Connection service to remote servers, with 24-hour backup and monitoring
  • Corporate email service, with AntiSpam and Antivirus services to prevent fraud and control the reception of spam.
  • IP Telephony Services (with assignment of telephone numbering)
  • Security service through active directory and constant security reviews, to block unauthorized access to your network and information.
  • Store your information on robust and secure servers.
  • Hosting your website with security and constant monitoring
  • Secure connectivity to your virtual office.

Take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Safely and quickly activate the productivity applications you require
  • Cross your borders, operating with clients and employees from anywhere
  • Implementation with low costs and efficiency for your business.
  • Increase your productivity by operating your business at any time and place
  • The support of a great team of advisers and professionals.

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